Pallet Racking Systems / Pallet Storage Racks / Adjustable Shelving

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Pallet Racking Systems from Nashik, Maharashtra, India. Such product is also known as Pallet Racking, Pallet Racks, Pallet Storage Racks, Pallet Shelving, Selective Pallet Racking Systems, Adjustable Shelving Racks, Adjustable Storage Racks, Industrial Storage Racks / Racking Systems.

It means horizontal load beams are attached to the uprights with bolts and have much greater weight-bearing capacity. The bolt fixings make this a form of adjustable racks can be constructed, reconfigured, and dismantled and reused as necessary. NIKAM Pallet Racking is a single or multi level storage system that is utilized to support high stacking of single items or palletized loads. These are a fundamental component of any distribution, storage, or material handling operation. Pallet racks allow rapid access to stored materials.

Pallet Racking System is the best solution for storing medium and heavy material. With a high density storage capacity, all the stock in pallet racking is exposed to direct access. You can use it to store boxes, Gunny bags or loose goods. You can also use plastic / wooden / MS pallets for material storage. Being a highly versatile system, it can bear various types of loads. Based on your product requirements, you can choose any suitable frame type. Pallet racking includes Vertical Column beams, shelves and a combination of it. The beams are horizontal, adjustable and are connected to the upright column. The box beams are what support the shelves and loads. The beams are the most important part in this system as they provide rigidity to the whole structure. They are also adjustable at a pitch of 50 / 75 mm. long span racks are Very easy to install, Long Span Shelving is movable, flexible and adjustable to a great extent. The Upright frame can be up to 10 Meter high with the possibility of installing walkways to access the upper levels. Long Span allows for manual product storing and picking on lower levels. Ideal for storing bulky or long goods, this storage system comes in a wide array of height, width and depth to adjust to different space configurations. It is actually an enhanced version of Slotted Angle Shelving with longer spans, more depths and higher load capacities.

Components used:
Vertical Upright - 12 Bend, Bracing, Horizontal Bracing, Cross Bracing, Box Beam / Step Beam, Decking Panels, Connectors, Column Guards, Raw Guard, Pallet Support, Pallet Back Stopper, Base Plates, Hardware, Etc.